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"Children of the World" Visit Lutheran High School

September 22, 2017
By Deidre Barnett

Lutheran High School students, faculty, staff, and families were treated to a beautiful program from World Help with their Children of the World choir at a special chapel service on September 22, 2017. Fourteen children arrived on a bus on Thursday and toured the high school and met many LHS students, played games with them, and practiced their performance in the Choir room. The children were divided among five host families from Lutheran High School for the night where they were able to experience some of the fun American culture that we enjoy.

LHS Junior Mollie Graham commented on her experience as her family hosted two children, “We loved watching the boys put together the train set we had at our house and reading them bedtime stories. We also got to take them to a soccer game (which they referred to as ‘futbol’) and out to Fazoli’s restaurant. Spaghetti was their favorite food here in America.”

On Friday, the children performed in front of the entire student body, faculty and staff, and many visiting parents and siblings. Their dancing and singing brought joy, hope, and attention to the situation in which children of other nations live to all who heard.

Lutheran students fell in love with these children instantly and were encouraged to support the mission of World Help – building shelters for refugees and supporting children in countries that have been battered with natural disasters and wars, including Nepal and Sudan. The main focus is that these children are clothed, given medical attention, fed, and educated.

These little children delivered a powerful message of hope, love, and faith from all over the world. They hailed from Honduras, the Philippines, Nepal, and Uganda. More information can be learned about this organization at

Amazing blessings come in tiny packages!