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Focus on Five

Locker combination, lunch schedule, class folder, seating chart, class expectations, homework, team uniform, teacher’s names, rules in the handbook... oh, all those rules in the handbook. Being a Saint at Lutheran High School can seem overwhelming in terms of expectations. Students, teachers, and parents are asked to know about all of the expectations and agree to uphold them for positive support of our school community. To help teachers and students manage all of these expectations and work together in supporting the needs of our community, a list called “Focus on Five” is making a home on classroom walls and student announcements.

Focus on Five is a dynamic list of select expectations that encourage the actions needed for a healthy community. These are part of our WISER (Worship, Interconnect, Serve, Engage, Respect) focus. Five expectations are put on a list for teachers and a separate five for students. The lists are displayed in all classrooms to encourage conversation between teachers and students to unify a whole school effort. Each week the list goes through a review to allow for additions and subtractions, which result in a new weekly focus. Just as any community is dynamic in how it responds to new trends, challenges, and environmental forces, so are the Focus on Five responses.

You can see our weekly Focus on Five in Saints@Home and below. Bold face words are additions for the week. Regular face words are repeats still important enough to make the list.

Focus on Five, Week 14

December 06, 2017
By Julie Pflug

Focus on Five, week 14


Focus on Five, Week 13

November 30, 2017
By Julie Pflug


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