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Lady Saints Soccer

September 04, 2018
By Emily Slade

In and exhilarating game, the Lady Saints soccer team battled Herron’s girls soccer team! 

On the defensive end on the of the field, Hope Messer, Danni Underwood, Nhi Tran, and Abigail Leslie became an immovable wall to protect the goal. Gretchen Erdmann, Olivia Jackson, and Josie Sneed also played a fantastic defensive game including several charges to the ball to completely boot it out of the defensive zone! 

Mollie Graham, in goal for the first half and some of the second half, had many shots kicked at her that she skillfully saved from going in the goal. 

In the mid-fielder positions, Katie Miller, Cece Awrey, Alyssa Awrey, Taylor Scott, Anna Caster, and Elayna Brock sent the ball up the field to the forwards many times to keep the game going in the Lady Saints favor, but also sprinted back on defense when Herron was getting too close to the Lutheran goal. 

The forwards in the game, Lauren Hedges, Ellie Holwager, and Maddie Awrey took numerous expertly placed shots on Herron’s goalie. After Anna Caster, in right mid-field position, booted the ball to Katie Miller, in the position of right forward, each player could feel that something big was about to happen. Miller crossed the ball to Lauren Hedges, playing striker, and Lauren dribbled down the filed. Hedges breaks free of the last line of defense for Herron and takes a shot on goal. Unfortunately, the Herron goalie was able to catch the ball and save the shot. 

BUT WAIT!!! The Herron goalie dropped the ball after narrowly saving it and watched in horror as the ball rolled behind her and into the goal. The Lady Saints had scored a goal!!! 

The score was now 1 to 0 in the Lady Saints' favor! 

For the rest of the game, the Saints pushed themselves as hard as they could to keep the lead they had. At the end of regulation, your Lady Saints girls soccer team had come out with their first win in 4 years!