Prayers, 5/23/2017

May 23, 2017
By Julie S Pflug

We pray:

  • all those who mourn the passing of Monica Wagner, LHS alumna and teacher, March 25; those who mourn the recent passing of loved ones: Patricia Forgey, grandmother, and Alvin Otte, grandfather, of a student; and Carol Erdmann, mother and grandmother of alumni and student;
  • for God's blessings on recently-married alumni -- Zach Moore (LHS 2011) and Elizabeth Daake; Jenny Vance (LHS 1996) and Derek Sitzman; and Sarah Neibold (LHS 2010) and Ben Vandivier (LHS 2010);
  • in thanksgiving for the birth of a daughter to Joey (LHS 2006) and Michelle Johnson; in thanksgiving for the birth of a son to Courtney (LHS 2005) and Geoff Kamp; for renewed health for Marion Schaefer, grandmother of a student;
  • for the 57 members of Lutheran High School's Class of 2017 who graduted on May 21;
  • for those recovering from surgery: Toria Turner; Jayme Tunis; Megan Yoder (also undergoing therapy; visit her Caring Bridge page here); Bob Jacobs, Jill Borst; Lynne Delk;
  • for those undergoing cancer treatments: Ruthann Carson; Janet Miller; Theresa Heider; Catherine Gould; Dakota Beatty; 
  • for renewed health: Rich Hougesen; Brandon Turner; Bob Lewis; Anthony Johnson; Elmer Combs; Alan Presley; Sean Murphy; Robbie Lane; Justin Lambert; Karen (Ashby) Neeley (1988); Kyla Leffler Eaton (2003); Joshua Koepper (1993); Nancy Williams; Brandon Turner; Shelley Farrell; Susan Schmidt; Christa Hoversten (1991); Sarah Koch; Kris Goff; Theodore Morton; Bill Brutcher; Crystal Mitchell; Melvin Meyer; Paul McMichael; Craig McKendree; Mary Strakis; Baher Malek (1986); Freida Carow; Bill Poulin; Kelly Cochran; Ray Schultz; Richard Lewer; Paul Moschell (1989); Dee Casey; Jeanne Delois; Scott Freeman;
  • for our servicemen and women, including alumni Andy Miller, Andy Denecke, Joey Johnson, Logan Radcliffe, Josh Williams, Grant Behning, Amanda Brown, Josh Bolton, Tyler Armao, Matt Buck, Aaron McCartney, Christopher Frische, Erik Boggs, Mike Longworth, Zach Beaton, Matt Stiller, Peter Burkhardt, Mark Orders-Woempner, Eric Duncan; SFC Andrew McClain; Chris Slade; Ethan Buck; Geoff Kamp; Jonathan Snow; Nathan Shelton; Capt Samuel Heider; Chuck Land; Carl Griffin; Paul Schumacher; Nick Gibson; Jeff Sheehy; Luther Miller; Ryan Caudill.

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