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Freshman Boys Basketball Game Summaries

Freshman Boys Loose to the Covenant Christian -- 1/20/18 -- Alec Hedges

The Freshman boys took a sad 20-point loss to Covenant last Saturday.

The Freshman fought hard, but suffered a loss as they played the Covenant Christians last Saturday 38 to 18 as the final score. Micah Mattes and Luke Snow lead to most of our assists with Deonte Jones.

The freshman boys fought had and were tired. The boys played aggressively for the ball and got a few fouls in the process. Gunnar Williams and Deonte Jones scored a lot of points and had many assists. Deonte Jones scored 6 points in totals all on fast breaks scoring the majority of the teams points.

Opening Tournament for Lutheran Frosh. - 12/2/17

The freshman boys basketball team opened up their season with the Lutheran Frosh Invitational. Both contests were close as the Saints lost to Eastern Hancock and Hauser by a combined 7 points. In Game 1, Deonte Jones led the way for the Saints with 14 points and 2 buzzer beater 3's, accounting for over half of the 24 points. Luke Snow contributed with 6 points of his own and several big rebounds.

In Game 2 was another slow start for the Saints as they fell behind 19-8 in the first half, but the freshman team responded by winning the second half 19-13. This wasn't enough though as Hauser won 32-27. The scoring was a combined effort as 7 of the 11 team members scored for Lutheran, led by Tyler Richards with 7, Trey Lawrence and Luke Snow each had 5 apiece.