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Game Summaries

Volleyball hustles against Triton Central --- 8/31/2017

Our Lutheran Saints Volleyball girls played a hustle-filled game against the Triton Central Tigers last night in our very own gym.
JV played their best, starting with 25-10; Tigers. Their rough start only got better, but not enough to pull out a win.  That doesn’t mean our JV girls didn’t play just as hard. The last set was 25-18. When asked for a quote, team captain Katie Reid didn’t hesitate. She knew exactly what to say about her teammates:  “As a team, we still have work to do- room for making improvements each time we play. I’m very excited to see what our girls can do, and everyone should be too!”  Keep up the hard work, girls!

The Lutheran Varsity team played a exciting 5-set game against the Tigers as well and the Lutheran Ladies were filled with determination, hustle, perseverance, and lots of teamwork. After taking the win, Coach Kathy Anderson said -"All of the hustle our girls had together created teamwork.  As a team we had over 100 digs which is the result of a lot of hustle!  That not only energizes our team but it also frustrates the opponent. The team played well. They never gave up. They kept fighting for each play and as a result they showed our fans what they are capable of doing!”  The Tigers couldn’t keep up the hustle! Way to go, ladies!

--- written by Hannah Christian