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Girls Soccer Game Summaries

Lady Saints fall to rival Trinity Lutheran -- 9/28/17

Saint girls soccer team had a disappointing loss 0-5. They tried their best but could not come out victorious.The girls are looking forward to their sectional match up against Scecina next week!

---written by Ethan Bain

Lady Saints take on LC in County -- 9/25/17

Last night, the Lady Saints Soccer girls played against the Lawrence Central Bears at the first round of the Marion County Tournament. At the beginning of the game, the Lady Saints held Lawrence Central down and almost scored a couple of times. However, with the extremely muddy field and toughness of our competition, they quickly ran out of steam and motivation. Lawrence Central scored there first goal after about five minutes on Mollie Graham, our first half goalie. Though some of the Saints strong defenders like Hope Messer, Olivia Jackson, Nhi Tran, Shelby Hedges and Gretchen Erdmann fought fiercely, Lawrence Central's offense overwhelmed them with almost 7 offensive and defensive back players for a second goal. Soon, the Lady Saints defense was getting tired of following the opponent's almost perfect passes around the field. With a few more brief chances at scoring for the Lady Saints and the score at 5 to 0 in favor of Laurence Central, the buzzer went off indicating the first half to be over. Head coach Brandon Awrey gave them an encouraging pep talk and the girls headed back on the field for the start of the second half. Anna Caster kicking off the ball at the striker position, passed the ball back to Alyssa Awrey in the beginning of the second half. A few more close shots on goal with the help of Katie Miller, Lauren Hedges, and Bri McGee motivated the Lady Saints onward. Toward the end of the game, the Bears decided to hold the ball and pass it among themselves at about the 25 to 45 yard line. Only a few shots on goal were taken on the Lady Saints in the second half of the competition. In addition, the Lady Saints made a few break-away runs to score, but they, unfortunately, were unsuccessful. By the end of the game, with the score 7 to 0, the exhausted Lutheran Lady Saints wished the Lawrence Central Bears a great conclusion to their season and lots of good luck in those upcoming games. Coach Brandon Awrey, in his post game pep talk, went over a few minor things to work on and then encouraged and motivated the Lutheran Lady Saints soccer team to try their hardest and to be the best players and people that they can be.

---written by Hannah Christian

Saints battle Whiteland - 8/31/2017

On Thursday night, the Lady Saints played a rough match against a strong Whiteland squad ending with a score 0-10. Forward, Lauren Hedges remarked afterward, “The game showed us a team we wish to play like.  We need to work on our spread on the field and our angles.” The Lady Saints hope to bounce back on Tuesday as they take on Monrovia in conference play.

---written by Ava DuBois

Lady Saints Soccer Fall to Scecina - 8/22/2017

Your Lady Saints soccer team fell short Wednesday vs a tough Scecina squad. Early on, it was all Saints as sophomore Lauren Hedges scored in the 8th minute with a spectacular show of incredible moves to put the ball in the net. Then, it was freshman Anna Caster off of an assist by Lauren Hedges with a brilliantly lofted kick over the Scecina goalie for a score. The Crusaders netted a quick goal right before half to make it 2-1.

Unfortunately, the second half seemed to be a different story. The Crusader defense tightened greatly, and they even had one committed to solely guarding Lauren Hedges, who had given them so much grief in the first half. The Crusaders netted two more goals to put them up 3-2. As the 2nd half drew to a close, your Saints seemed to have one more final surge of energy, as they were able to fire off a few more shots at the net, including one by Senior Captain Shelby Hedges that barely missed off of the left goal post, but the Crusaders heavily powered offense seemed to be the Saints undoing, as the final score read 3-2.

After the game, I had a chance to speak with Senior Captain Shelby Hedges. When asked what the school could look forward to as the soccer season has finally begun to take full swing, she replied, "The girls soccer program has taken a big step this preseason. We just need to put all the pieces together." After thanking Shelby for her time, I was able to get a word from her younger sister, sophomore Lauren Hedges. I asked her, "How will this game effect your future play, if at all?" Lauren responded, "This game definitely taught us that we can't under estimate our opponents and that we can't get too comfortable even when we're ahead." The Lady Saints are home Thursday vs Greenwood Christian Academy. Come cheer them on!

---written by Mark Caster