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Special Athletic Awards

Lutheran High School has special awards which are given annually to worthy individuals in the area of athletics.

Senior Athlete of the Year Award

This award is based on three areas:

  1. natural ability;
  2. use of this ability (effort and stewardship); and
  3. personal example as an athlete and member of the student body.

Any senior athlete who has earned varsity awards in at least two sports during his/her senior year is eligible for this award.

Selection of the male and female recipients of this award is made by a vote of the members of the athletic department. Any member of the department may make nominations. If, after nominations are closed, the members present can agree on a selection, a formal vote need not be taken. However, if no nominee receives a majority of votes, the members present will rate each nominee on a scale of 5 (superior) to 1(poor) in each of the three areas used for criteria for this award – natural ability, use of ability, and personal example. The nominee receiving the highest number of points when the ballots of all voting members are counted will be declared the recipient of the award.

Senior Scholar Athlete Award

This award is given to the senior male and female athletes who have achieved the highest grade point average during their high school careers.

To be eligible for this award, an athlete must have been given at least one award at Lutheran High School during three of his/her four years of high school and must have earned at least one varsity award during his/her senior year. In the event of a tie in the grade point average, the athlete with the most awards (varsity or minor) will be the recipient.

Mental Attitude Award

This award is given to the athlete who best exemplifies the ideals to which all athletes should aspire to – namely, dedication to a common cause; a desire to improve and excel; a willingness to learn and work hard; a never-say-die attitude; and an ability to cooperate with others and set a Christian example of sportsmanship both for our student body and the community at large.

Any athlete who receives two athletic awards (varsity or otherwise) may be nominated for this award; voting will take place among nominating coaches and the athletic department. The nominee receiving a plurality of the votes will be the recipient.