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Chili / Cinnamon Roll Cookoff

Click on the video link below to see an introduction and be sure to read all the instructions!

The Virtual Cook-Off has been extended!

Everyone knows winter is a good time to cozy up with some good chili and/or a delicious cinnamon roll!

Join LHS for a Virtual Chili and Cinnamon Roll Cook-Off


How do you enter the Cook-Off?

  • Record a video (no longer than 3 minutes long, please) or pictures of yourself making your best chili or cinnamon roll recipe.
  • Register for the Cook-Off using the form below prior to 8:00 pm on Sunday, February 28Be sure to give your entry a memorable name!
  • Email to get instructions on how to upload your video(s), pictures, or other information.
  • Pass the word to your friends, family, and others to vote for your entry! 

We can’t wait to see your recipes!!

How do you vote?


  • ...Donate to Vote here specifying your favorite chili and/or cinnamon roll entry(ies) in the Comments section. (If you prefer to donate/vote by cash or check, please drop off in the LHS office before 4:00 pm on Friday, March 5.)

** Be sure to put the title of the entry(ies) you are voting for in the Comments (below "Payment Information").

If more than one recipe is listed in the Comments, the votes will be distributed evenly among all the recipes in your comment, unless you specify something different. (For example, a $20 donation may be allocated to a single entry (60 votes for that entry), or may be divided among two (30 votes per entry), three (20 votes per entry), ... or up to 20 different entries (3 votes each).)

**  Voting will be open through Sunday, March 7, 11:59 pm. DONATE to VOTE here or by clicking on the button below and make your vote count X 3

How are the Winners determined?

  • Winners are determined by the total number of Likes, Comment, and Shares on the @LutheranSaints Facebook page for an entry...


  • ... 3 times the dollars donated for the entry.

Chili and Cinnamon Roll Cook-off awardsWhat do the Winners get?

  • First-place winners in both categories will receive a trophy.
  • Second- and third-place winners in each category will get a ribbon.


vote by donating securely

All proceeds from donations/votes will be used to upgrade LHS streaming capabilities.



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