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The Mouse That Roared

Saints on Stage Present


Directed By Matthew T. Frick 

Performances: October 4, 5, 6 2019 

Auditions: August 19, 20

The Mouse That Roared is adapted by Christopher Sergel, based on the book by Leonard Wibberley.
Produced by special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Woodstock, IL. 

A pretty girl of 22 happens to be the present Duchess Gloriana, sovereign of a microscopic country in the Alps founded centuries ago by a roving band of English bowmen. Gloriana's unique solution to the near bankruptcy of her tiny domain is to declare war on the United States! There's some method to her madness, however, for her study of recent history suggests that the surest way to wealth today is to lose a war with the US; for that country's odd reaction is to pour aid, relief, and rehabilitation on the vanquished. When her declaration is considered a prank, Gloriana decides to escalate! Tully Bascomb, presently in charge of the small band of bowmen, is to launch an attack, so they can surrender and reap the rewards. Serious-minded Tully, however, upsets all calculations when he and his bowmen do the last thing expected--win! You'll find comment in the comdy crescendo that follows, including some pointed kind words for America. The enthusiastic response from critics is admiration for the play's sharp wit, but also wisdom, "Hilarious, rib-tickling comedy, the funniest on record!" 


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CAST: The Rehearsal Schedule is below. Please scroll over the events to see the whole listing of scenes. Let Mr. Frick know if you have any questions. 




1             5-9           Tully Jane Mary Fran Pam Ann

2           10-18         Benter Mountjoy Page Gloriana Tully

3           19-22        Beston Miss Johnson Page

4            23-24        Kokintz Assistant Mrs Reiner 

5           25-29        Snippet President Beston (Jill Debbie)

6           30-35        Mountjoy Benter Gloriana Tully (Norma Helen)

7            36            Announcer

8          37-38        Professor Smith Assistant 

9           39-44       Tully Students Will Tatum Soliders Kokintz Snippet Jill Debbie (Man Girl)

10         45-51       President Mr Beston Miss Wilkins 



1          52-55       Tully Will Tatum Snippet Kokintz Soliders Jill Debbie 

2          56-58       Gloriana Benter Mountjoy Mrs Bascom (Ann Helen Norman Page)

3          59-60       Gloriana Benter Mountjoy Tully Will Tatum 

4         61-68       Gloriana Kokintz Tully Mountjoy Benter Snippet Jill Debbie Helen Norma (Soliders Announcer)

5         69-70       Pam Jane Fran Mary Announcer

6        71-73        President Mr Beston

7        74-78        Mountjoy Gloriana Benter (Page)

8        79-81       Snippet Jill Debbie Better Mountjoy 

9        82-85      Gloriana Mrs Bascom Tully Will Tatum

10      87-92      Gloriana Tully Mr Beston Snippet Jill Debbie Kokintz (probably all cast)