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Welcome from Dean of Curriculum

Throughout the forty year history of our school, the mission of Lutheran High School has always been to prepare young adults for Christian life while providing academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment.

How does Lutheran High School provide this academic excellence? Our curriculum is designed to promote readiness for the world beyond: college readiness, vocational readiness and spiritual readiness. Our aim is to arm students with the knowledge and skills to become lifelong learners, effective citizens, productive workers and members of the Body of Christ.

Students attending Lutheran High School can expect a digitally-enriched 1:1 environment where every student is given an Apple MacBook laptop to interface with course content and engage in 21st century learning. Our experienced staff of educators blends 21st century skills – critical thinking, collaboration, communication and innovation – with a traditional high school curriculum centered around reading, writing, mathematics, science, technology, government, history, world languages, physical education, theology and fine arts.

In addition to offering courses that fulfill the requirements of an Indiana high school diploma, we also offer courses that can earn college credits for students who work diligently and perform at a level of post-secondary excellence. We offer four AP courses:

  • AP Biology
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Music Theory
  • AP United States History.

Additionally, we offer six dual-credit college courses through the Advanced College Project at Indiana University:

  • Chemistry C101/102 – Elementary Chemistry 1     (5 credits)
  • English W131 – Reading, Writing and Inquiry     (3 credits)
  • English L202 – Literary Interpretation     (3 credits)
  • Physics P221 – Physics 1       (5 credits)
  • Spanish S200 – Intermediate Spanish     (6 credits)
  • Speech P155 – Public Oral Communication     (3 credits)

Find out more about options and enrollment for the Advanced College Project at:

Please take a few moments to peruse our curriculum. We continually strive to make improvements that better serve our students and families and to provide rigorous coursework to make our students competitive in the global workforce. 

Eric Vincent
Dean of Curriculum and Instruction 

Eric Vincent, Dean of Curriculum
Eric Vincent
Dean of Curriculum
and Instruction