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What is GOLD???

Graduates Of the Last Decade

This is a group for our community! The purpose of this group is for young adults (who graduated from high school in the past 10 years) to have a time, location, and group of people to hang out, build relationships, and get into God’s word with.

Once a month there will be some sort of activity in the Indianapolis metropolitan area to participate in or attend. The cost will vary depending on the activity. Also once a month, there will be a Bible study hosted and led by one of our Association churches. Bible study will be free and will vary each month.

Information and reservations for each activity will be sent out monthly in our alumni e-newsletter, The Saints Connection, along with posts through our alumni social media accounts. You may (and are encouraged to) invite other people to attend as long as they have graduated in the past decade. We are organizing this for our alum, but it is not limited to our alum.