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Dual-Credit through Indiana University

At Lutheran High School, juniors and seniors can be eligible to take dual-credit (ACP) classes and earn credits from IU.  Our teachers are adjunct professors and spend many hours each year in training, evaluation, and offering these courses to high-achieving students.  We selected the IU Dual-Credit program because of its academic rigor and the ability for these credits to be easily recognized by any university and easily transferred.  When students take IU classes at Lutheran High School, they get to keep the grade they earn on their college transcript. These classes are small in size (average class size, 12 students).

We currently offer the following IU classes at Lutheran High School:

  • C101 (with Lab component) | Chemistry, 5 credit hours
  • P221 (with Lab component) | Physics, 5 credit hours
  • W131 | English, 3 credit hours
  • L202 | English, 3 credit hours
  • S200 | Spanish, 3 credit hours
  • S250 | Spanish, 3 credit hours
  • P155 | Speech, 3 credit hours

Advanced Placement Classes (AP)

LHS also provides various AP classes. The offerings change each year.  For 2018-2019, we offer AP Biology and AP Calculus.  Other years, we offer AP US History (APUSH), AP Music Theory, and AP Computer Science.  

AP Classes are taught at a college level and pace, and students take an exam in the Spring.  Depending upon how they do on the test, various colleges may offer credits for taking these classes.

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