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Faith Life at LHS

Lutheran High School of Indianapolis is unlike any other school you've ever known. We are Bible-based and Spirit filled. We are refreshingly honest and bold about whom we are, as Lutheran Christians. We are a people that are passionate about our love for God, His people, and sharing His Word with our world.

Whether you come from a background of faith, if you're a new Christian, or if you're just interested in learning about Jesus Christ, Lutheran High School meets students where they are and encourages a life of faith and learning while here and after graduation. Students will begin their day in God's word through devotions and prayer. All students take theology classes throughout their time here. Take a moment to review the Theology Curriculum at LHS:

Theology Curriculum

The Saints of Lutheran High School also attend a Chapel service each Thursday morning. These services are led by various local pastors, LHS teachers, and sometimes by students. Chapel services last approximately 45 minutes and the entire school attends at the same time. It's a great time to be together as Saints, to worship and sing praises, to learn, and to celebrate each other's accomplishments.

Student Chapel Message