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Don't just make a donation, make a difference!

  • We take all types of vehicles, running, non-running, classics, lightly used and even the end-of-life vehicles.
  • Did you know that automobiles are the most heavily recycled consumer products?  Turn your end-of life vehicle donation into re-usable steel, help the environment, and impact students at Lutheran High School with your donation.
  • 100% of the proceeds will be used to further the mission and ministry of Lutheran High School.
Motorized Vehicle Donation
  • Owner/Donor Information (Name as it appears on vehicle title):

  • Vehicle Information:


Before pick up, please remember to:

  • Remove the license plate from the vehicle.
  • Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle, including the trunk, glove boxes, storage bins, seat pockets, etc.  [Items frequently left in vehicles include:  garage door opener and CDs from CD player.]

You will receive a tax receipt for the amount your car sells for at the auction. The receipt will be mailed to you by Lutheran High School.

If you have any questions, please contact the Development Office at 317-787-5474.


Thank you for your kind and generous donation.