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Why choose Lutheran High School?

At LHS, we enjoy a family environment where students are involved, cared for, and encouraged each day. We understand that each student is uniquely made with unique talents and gifts. Our teachers strive to know each student and work hard to challenge them, encourage them – academically, spiritually, and socially, and work together with them to reach their goals. Our school is big enough that students with widely varying interests will find friends and build relationships, while still small enough that they won't get lost in the mix.

Christ-Centered Education.

At Lutheran High School, you will see what a difference it makes to center your world around Christ. Our commitment is to prepare you for a Christian life while providing academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment. The faculty and staff pledge themselves to integrate biblical faith into every aspect of the campus and community life in which they serve. We are refreshingly honest and bold about whom we are, as Christians. We are a people that are passionate about our love for God, His people, and sharing the Word with our world. We can't wait to share His gifts and blessings with you each day.

Academic Excellence.

Our students are well-prepared for higher education upon graduation. Our school offers a Core 40 diploma or a Core 40 with Honors diploma. At LHS, we utilize various curriculum multipliers, including honors classes, AP, classes, as well as high quality dual-credit classes through Indiana University. On average, 95% of our graduates pursue higher education, while others are serving our country in the military or serving our community. Many of those graduates earned academic scholarships at various universities. To learn more about our curriculum, please visit our Academic pages.

Technology Driven.

We believe that student access to technology is a critical component in education. With the integration of the one-to-one MacBook program, we are making progress toward providing our students with the very best tools to learn and grow. At LHS, we want technology to be the lever for classroom instruction that is more student-centered, collaborative, project-based and focused on higher order thinking skills.

Opportunities for Involvement.

At Lutheran High School, we understand that there is more to high school than classroom learning. We offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities, including Athletics, Academic teams, Theater, Choir, Band, and various clubs that are student-driven. Almost all of our students are involved in activities outside the classroom. 100% of our students also complete community service each year. Click here to see the opportunities available.

Please click on Visit LHS to arrange a prospective student shadow day, called the Saint-4A-Day experience, or to arrange a personal tour. Come see for yourself why Lutheran High School is unique!