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A majority of our students are invested in campus life which enhances their overall school experience, and results in improved academic performance. Lutheran High School encourages all students to get involved outside the classroom in a variety of activities.

Visual and Performing Arts

  • The visual and performing arts at Lutheran High School place a strong emphasis on encouraging students to use their God-given talents and abilities – and to develop these to their fullest. There are visual art classes, as well as AP classes furthering the understanding of design. Student art is displayed at the school and in other venues. 
  • Saints On Stage (LHS Theatre) present a Fall Play and Spring Musical and more. 
  • Theatre Arts class is also offered. The performances and class opportunities challenge students and allow them to learn about acting and technical theatre. 

Musical Opportunities: 

  • Chamber Choir (regular performances and competition opportunities), 
  • Band (regular performance and competition opportunities), 
  • Vocal Ensemble, 
  • Praise Band, 
  • Pep Band, and 
  • Piano class