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We believe that student access to technology is a critical component of education. With the integration of the one-to-one laptop program, we are making progress toward providing our students with the very best tools to learn and grow.  At LHS, we want technology to be the lever for classroom instruction that is more student-centered, collaborative, project-based, and focused on higher-order thinking skills. Students will have two options at LHS for acquiring the laptop device.  Students may purchase their own Apple Laptop capable of running Mac OS 13.0 Ventura, or choose to lease an Apple MacBook Air laptop device from LHS.

LHS Laptop Lease Option

LHS will offer one device designed specifically by Apple for 1:1 programs in the high school environment.  The contents of the lease option are as follows:

  • Apple 13” MacBook Air for Education
  • Power supply
  • Software and Support
  • Insurance
  • Possession/Use of computer for school term
  • Price per month / 12 month term – $42 monthly

A re-enrolled student previously taking part in the LHS lease program will remain in possession of their issued laptop over the summer, and use for the following school year with a new lease agreement at the previous year's price.  At the end of a student’s time attending LHS, or withdrawal from the lease program, the laptop will be required to be returned to LHS.  The computer and licensed software are the property of LHS. Requests to purchase the leased laptop at the time of withdrawal or graduation can be made for the remaining outstanding balance of the initial purchase price of the machine or possible negotiation for purchase at fair market value to be determined.  At the end of a student's time at LHS, the student agrees to return the laptop in the same condition it was issued less reasonable wear.

*NOTE: When you sign up to lease a computer, you must keep the lease for the full year. You can decide whether to renew the lease each year during enrollment season.

Student Owned Laptop Option

A student may choose to acquire ownership of their own Apple Laptop device for use at LHS. The device may be either a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 13 inches or larger and must be capable of running the Mac OS 13.0 Ventura operating system. The parent and student must agree to the appropriate user agreements, and grant LHS access to the device, to grant control of administrative rights to administer the necessary network settings conforming the device to meet the 1 to 1 program requirements, and the loading of required classroom software, including monitoring and management software.  It is the intention of LHS to only manage the admin rights and software necessary to meet program compliance.  A computer that is owned by the student will have all software removed that is property of LHS upon withdrawal or graduation.

Recommended System Requirements

MacBook Pro 
13-inch MacBook Pro, 2019 or newer
MacBook Air
13-inch MacBook Air, 2019 or newer

Students will need their computers on the first day of school for Orientation. If the computer is leased, they will receive it that day.  We will download all necessary books and programs onto their computers during that time.  Orientation will be a full day for all new students in all grades.