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Calculator Requirements

Algebra 1 - TI-30XS MultiView
Algebra 2 - TI-30XS MultiView
Algebra 2 Honors - TI 84+ CE
Geometry - TI-30XS MultiView
Pre-Calculus - TI 84+ CE
Calculus - TI 84+ CE
Statistics - TI-30XS MultiView

Amazon Links to Calculators

  • TI-30XS MultiView
  • TI-84+ CE
  • TI-84+ CE Silver 
    • Same as the 84+ but with more memory and many more downloadable applications
  • TI-Nspire 
    • Newest mode, much faster, much bigger screen, some models have a rechargeable battery pack
    • Cost is generally higher
    • CAS version is not allowed on the ACT. It is allowed on the SAT.

TI Links 

For additional information on the calculators, see the following links.
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