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eLearning Day

A notice that Lutheran High School will be closed will initiate an eLearning Day. This will take place during the same day that the school building is closed due to weather. An eLearning day will count as a school day and will be filled with curricular expectations as teachers deliver virtual lessons to students.

During this eLearning day, students will need to log in and access their own Moodle account for their curricular courses. This login procedure will be the same as their daily routine while in school. Students will be expected to accomplish the direction of the lesson for each of their school classes as found on their Moodle page. These lessons will be available for all students by 9:00 am of that same day.

The following expectations are in place concerning a school closing eLearning day:

  • Attendance: All students are to engage in an eLearning day. Parents are to phone the school at 317-787-5474 and leave a message for absences, as is the normal practice of any school day. Students will only be excused from an eLearning day if the parent has phoned in the absence and reason, if the student has a pre-arranged absence on file, or if the student by virtue of a doctor’s note cannot use a computer.
  • Class Lessons: Students are expected to follow the instructions given to them as found on their own Moodle page. Teachers will create a lesson that involves relevant curricular content followed by an assignment.
    Lessons could include an assignment that requires students to submit completed material that same day, or teachers may have an assignment that is due on a future date. Completion and grading of work will follow each teacher’s normal practice of classroom procedures.
  • Exempt Classes: The following classes will be exempt from eLearning: Physical Education, Physical Conditioning, Art, Developmental Reading, Choir, Vocal Ensemble, Concert Band, Piano, ACE Lab, Office Aid, and Cadet Teaching.
  • Time and Teachers: An eLearning day will take place on the same day that a school closing is in effect. The eLearning day will be in effect from 9 am to 3 pm. Teachers will be on duty creating lessons and answering questions via email during that time.