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Welcome to Lutheran Saints 4 Life!


  Help the Homeless
  Who Can’t Go Home: 

  Saints4Life Collection Drive 

  Homecoming 2020 






Each class is asked to bring in a different travel-sized/individual item each day. 

1 point for each item will be awarded to the class. The class with the most points at the end of the week will receive 5 additional points for Saints Games! 

Cash donations will be accepted with $1 counting for one point. 

BONUS: Each pair of socks donated on any day will receive 5 points. 

These items will be assembled into care packages and distributed to people who are homeless in Indianapolis. 


Tuesday: Toothbrushes (each counts for a point) 
Wednesday: Hand Sanitizer (travel size) 
Thursday: Gum (each pack counts for a point) 
Friday: Tissue Packs (travel size) 


Tuesday: Toothpaste (travel size) 
Wednesday: Chapstick (each counts for a point) 
Thursday: Cheez-It or individually wrapped snack items (each counts for a point)
Friday: Lotion (travel size) 


Tuesday: Deodorant (travel size)
Wednesday: Band-Aids (small boxes) 
Thursday: Granola Bars (each counts for a point) 
Friday: Combs (each counts for a point) 


Tuesday: Soap (each bar counts for a point) 
Wednesday: Masks (each counts for a point) 
Thursday: Water (each small bottle counts for a point) 
Friday: Wipes (travel pack) 


Mission Statement

Motivated by the GOSPEL, Saints 4 Life serves the community, advocating for ALL life with a CHRIST-centered attitude. 

More information can be found on Y4Life website


Recent Activities

Seven students attended the Y4Life leadership retreat March 6-8 (pictured above). Students engaged in training exercises and began planning activities for the remainder of this year and into next school year. Activities will include regular meetings, school-wide participation opportunities, fundraisers, and a trip to the National March for Life in Washington DC on January 29, 2021. 

Twenty-five students attended the March for Life in Indianapolis on January 22.